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The internationally recognised and award winning Melbourne Magic Academy exists to create more happiness and empathy in our kids while adding a little magic in our world.
It’s for
kids, 4 to 12, who want to have fun, make friends, grow in confidence and have something exciting to look forward to.

Our program is designed to keep kids happy and engaged, to be confident in themselves and comfortable with others,
and to
develop skills that last a lifetime.

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The magic consists of our unique, high-quality custom props, materials, and online resources you won’t find anywhere else.

Child in a magic class with their magic material

The fun comes from unique games that help children explore their creativity, feel connected to the group, and build lasting friendships.

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The learning emphasizes "The Eight Traits of a True Magician" with unique opportunities to boost self confidence and build communication skills. 

Children learn to see things from other peoples’ perspectives, anticipate reactions, and choose their words with intention.

The 8 traits of a true magician
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Amazing high quality custom tricks you can't find anywhere else

​Builds character & empowers kids

Hands-on interactive learning

Something new every class

Multiple courses and workshops

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Sparks Curiosity and imagination

Every class, students learn something new that they will want to share with others! Each wand course features their own unique tricks and activities whilst reinforcing the eight character traits that make "A True Magician"!

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Our uniquely designed M.A.P.s

(Magic Adventure Packs) provide a creative mixture of magic, arts & crafts, and a splash of social-emotional learning that highlights how important it is to care!

• Awesome Custom Magic Props

• Hands-On Training

• Lifetime Access to our online Magic Video Vault

• Personal Magic Bag

• Live Magic Shows

• Amazing Games & Activities

• A Graduation Certificate/Wand

• Skills for Life!

Banner for Children's Book Week 2024 'Reading is Magic'
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