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Melbourne Magic Academy offers Schools Programs such as:
After School and Lunchtime Programs, Workshops, Fundraisers and many more.

The Melbourne Magic Academy focuses on the 8 traits that make a true magician: Respectful, Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confidence, Creativity, Authenticity, Humility and Giving. These traits often align with and compliment existing school values.

As a result, our curriculum cultivates
  performance opportunities, builds confidence, discipline, empathy, and imagination.

Children make friends, develop a sense of belonging whilst they experience the joy of fun and laughter. 

Ultimately, discovering a place in the world that makes them feel confident. 

Each lesson kids are given high quality secret file folders, custom tricks you won't find anywhere else, and access to extension materials if they would like to continue their learning out of class time. 

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Children will discover how magic can be found in Math, Science, Art, History and More! While also learning what magic really is and how they can perform to their friends and family.

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Children will learn the power of using positive words. This helps children focus on kindness, foster empathy and empowers them discover the magical effects of using our "Magic Power Words".

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The Magic Acts Workshop teaches kids to S.M.I.L.E.

-Stand up Straight,

-Make Eye Contact,

-Introduce Yourself,

-Listen Carefully, and

-Exceed Expectations

The Melbourne Magic Academy offers 3 different interactive 30-45min workshops designed to engage and educate.

These programs are performed as a show with the magic taught as part of the performance.

Along with these programs, children can receive a top-secret file folder that not only reinforces everything taught, but has extra tricks, games and challenges to help them increase their awareness and power of communication.

We also offer custom designed tricks for an optional hands on teaching session at the end of the workshop/show.

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