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Melbourne Magic Academy offers Schools Programs such as:
After School and Lunchtime Programs, Workshops, Fundraisers and many more.

Banner for Children's Book Week 2024 'Reading is Magic'

The ‘Reading is Magic' show created specifically for Book Week 2024 seamlessly blends storytelling and magic, inspiring young readers to unlock their imagination through the power of books.

This non-stop, engaging and interactive magic show will have kids rolling with laughter as they take centre stage and help the magic unfold before their eyes!

With exclusive availability during Book Week, from August 17th to 23rd, secure your 2024 Book Week magic show today.

Contact us now and let the magic of reading come alive at your school or library.

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The Melbourne Magic Academy focuses on the 8 traits that make a true magician: Respectful, Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confidence, Creativity, Authenticity, Humility and Giving. These traits often align with and compliment existing school values.

As a result, our curriculum cultivates
  performance opportunities, builds confidence, discipline, empathy, and imagination.

Children make friends and develop a sense of belonging while they experience the fun and laughter of magic class.

Each lesson kids are given high quality secret file folders, custom tricks you won't find anywhere else, and access to extension materials if they would like to continue their learning out of class time. 


"Tim and the team at the Melbourne Magic Academy are quite exceptional and talented – including live show performances – of which we have used Tim 4 times in the past three years for whole school performances for children & Father’s Day, as well as Magic Classes that we operate as an after-school activity here in the Junior School with 20+ children attending across Prep – Year 4 each week. These have been very successful events.
Tim and the team are considerate, professional and capable performers/teachers. Can I be so bold to suggest that our schools need more of people like Tim and his team interacting with our children – offering fun and enjoyment – and I’d recommend the Magic Academy for after-school classes, parent events, assemblies, etc as something that would positively resonate with schools and children."

Ben Dooley (Head of Junior School)
Wesley College, Glen Waverley Campus


The Melbourne Magic Academy offers  interactive 45min - 1hr magic show and workshops for schools designed to engage and educate.


Extraordinary magic & fun like you have never experienced before! This non-stop, engaging and interactive magic show and workshop will have kids rolling with laughter as they take center stage and help the magic unfold before their eyes!

Student's then get to take a peek behind the curtain and learn magical skills they can share with family and friends.

We provide students with magic material for a hands on teaching session at the end of the show/workshop.

Teachers also gain access to our exclusive magic video vault, offering additional resources to help students revisit the magic they learned. Plus, bonus tricks and performance tips to enhance the magical experience.

Book Week 2024
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