Frequently asked questions

How does the Melbourne Magic Academy teach life skills?

We like to say this is not a magic class with life skills sprinkled in, it is a life skills course that also teaches magic.
Each class features one of the 8 traits of a true magician and the kids learn tricks and watch videos that reinforce these traits.

Does learning magic really help kids develop social skills?

Yes, magic is an interactive art. We feel the most important benefits to be derived from magic come from performing for others. There is a complex cycle of verbal and non-verbal communication flowing between the performer and the people watching that is unique to magic. So we’ve developed a system that will insure every child gets to perform for someone, several times, in the positive, nurturing classroom environment.

My child is really shy. Will they be able to do this?

Yes. We have created a totally safe and nurturing environment for your child's first few performances inside every class, and try particularly hard to insure a child's confidence has every opportunity to grow from the very beginning.

My child has already learned some magic from YouTube, will this still be appropriate for them?

Absolutely. To begin, it's unlikely he would have learned any of these specific tricks any place else. Plus, we believe that just knowing the secret to how something is done is only the beginning. The really important things magic has to offer a child will come from learning the 8 traits of a true magician and applying them.

My child has never done magic before. Will they be able to do these tricks?

Yes. Every trick is simple enough for a beginner and designed for small hands. No prior experience is necessary.

What kind of tricks are you going to teach?

Melbourne Magic Academy features a wide range of custom designed tricks from making things appear and disappear to reading minds and passing a solid object through another solid object.
​Many of these tricks are unique to our program and they all feature a kid friendly presentation.

Will the tricks learned fool adults?

Yes! We teach a wide variety of tricks and many will legitimately fool adults. Others may not, but they serve a purpose in teaching the kids how to respond in a variety of situations.
​For example, someone saying "Can I see that?" or "I think I know how you did that."

What happens if I decide to cancel?

If you decide to cancel, you must do so 2 weeks prior to the first day the program. There is a $50 cancellation fee PER CHILD. If two weeks’ notice is not given prior to cancellation, there will be no refund

What are the backgrounds of the teachers and leaders?

Our teachers and leaders are the real magic! All of our staff are first aid trained, fully vaccinated, have a current Working With Children Check, and are thoughtful, mature leaders with the students' best interests at heart, and will make every effort to make certain this experience is safe, successful, and rewarding.

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