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Magic Camp is a school holiday program founded on the love for children and the desire to encourage them to express their unique individuality. The variety of techniques and entertainment that we provide is the driving force in creating a fun environment for building character, confidence and the communication skills that are essential in the world today.

By performing magic kids learn to see things from other peoples’ perspectives, anticipate reactions, and choose their words with intention, cultivating empathy and imagination. 

2 laughing boys at magic camp

Throughout the program, students participate in a full agenda of fun and inventive activities. Every day students will learn and perform for each other amazing magic effects specifically designed for our Magic Camp program.

With new tricks every holidays kids learn how to make things appear, read people’s minds, and even make objects levitate, just to name a few.

Outside of learning magic, the program is designed to get kids moving, laughing, and learning with an array of unique games and activities:

From activity’s with flying rubber chickens, over 1,000 ball pit balls,

a real-life treasure hunt,  and Australia’s BIGGEST magic wands,

to performances from magical characters and more!

Designed to create laughter, bring kids closer together, build confidence, and develop social and communication skills all through a one-of-a-kind spellbinding school holiday experience filled with extraordinary fun.

A studient learning a magic trick

• Awesome Custom Magic Props

• Hands-On Training

• Lifetime Access to our online Magic Video Vault

• Personal Magic Bag

• Live Magic Shows

• Amazing Games & Activities

• A Magic Team Wristband

• A Graduation Certificate/Wand

• Skills for Life!

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Glen Waverley


ASH / Parent

"My 7yo son who has Autism just finished his first Magic Camp. To say Magic Camp was absolutely life changing and transformational for us would be an understatement. Immediately noticeable since Day 1: - He is more motivated to learn - He is listening - He is interested in everything magic - He is using manners and etiquette - He is engaging others in conversation - He is making eye contact - He is eager to perform and present - He is teaching his siblings - He is smiling more regularly - He is optimistic about his future. I could go on and on and on..... the list of benefits, noticeable changes and impacts could almost be endless! The progress and improvements in social skills, independence, daily activities, communication, compliance, emotional regulation, cognitive development, overall wellbeing and enjoyment in the moments of everyday have been beyond what we have seen from tens of thousands of dollars of Allied Health interventions and social skills groups! What I want to know is...... How did you make this magical transformation in 5 days Melbourne Magic Academy? We need MORE opportunities like this. More of this! THANK YOU Melbourne Magic Academy! I hope my son and many more children can come to discover and participate in your programs, classes and camps and experience the Magic we have. We can't wait for the next Magic Camp!"

Carrie L / Parent

Of all the sports, activities, hobbies and holiday programs our son has attended over the past 12 years, magic camp with Melbourne Magic Academy are a stand out. You could not ask for a warmer atmosphere, a more child friendly space, a more delightfully fun and joyful set of activities and personal kindness and attention. Oh, I forgot to mention the magic!! The magic tricks are awesome, the teaching is gentle and fun but clear, and my son grew in his performance skills confidence over time. Don't hesitate. This is the least well known, most under-estimated children's activity and holiday camp. Do yourself and your kid/s a favour. Get in board before they become so popular you can't get in!!!

Debbie B / Parent

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my daughter the most magical experience ever. She thoroughly enjoyed magic camp! It gave her plenty of reason to smile laugh and just be a happy little kid. It was so important for her just to be able to chill and just have fun. She would like to say: "Thank you so much Magic Academy. It’s been the best time of my life!"

Every class, students learn something new that they will want to share with others! Each wand course features their own unique tricks and activities whilst reinforcing the eight character traits that make "A True Magician"!

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Our uniquely designed M.A.P.s

(Magic Adventure Packs) provide a creative mixture of magic, arts & crafts, and a splash of social-emotional learning that highlights how important it is to care!

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